1. Introduction
SAP Global Marketing, Inc.  (“SAP”) is the organizer of the SAP Customer Experience: A Digital Experience event (the “Program” or “Event”). This Privacy Statement outlines how we handle information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual (“Personal Data”).   Unless you expressly agree otherwise (in particular as described in section 3 below) or if required by law, SAP will use any Personal Data you provide during the registration process, during the Program, including notifications of new content added to the various channels, or otherwise in connection with the Program solely for the purposes set out below.
2. Use of Your Registration Data Obtained in Connection with the Program
  1. Registration Data
In connection with your registration, you have to provide basic registration and program information to us, namely your contact information (name, company, e-mail, country, and telephone number), job title and function, your relation to SAP or SAP affiliated companies (the “SAP Group”) such as being a partner, customer, etc., your industry sector, and registration time/date. You may further provide to us information on your social media accounts, and Event participation related information (such as speaker engagement, sponsorship, or particular sessions and workshops you register for), and any particular interests and other information with respect to the Program you provide to us in connection with the registration (together with the data listed in the previous sentence, the “Registration Data”).  
The SAP Group includes various SAP named affiliated companies around the world as well as various SAP affiliates with more distinctive non-SAP brand names including Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, Hybris, SuccessFactors, Sybase, and Qualtrics. A list of all SAP affiliates can be found here.
SAP will use your Registration Data to manage your registration, to conduct the Program (including communication with you before and during the Program), Program follow-up (including an offer to participate in an attendee satisfaction survey as well as sending a channel update email to notify you when new content has been added to the various channels) and fulfillment of any requests of you to SAP in connection with the Program.
SAP may include your Registration Data, your choices with respect to marketing communications (see section 3 below), and further information you provide to SAP in connection with the Program in their customer relationship management systems (“CRM”) and combine it with existing CRM data relating to you, including your participation at prior events.
SAP may use the SAP Group or third-party vendors for the provision of services in connection with the Program and/or the fulfillment of obligations towards you or your inquiries. Such third parties (including data/website hosting providers) may process your Registration Data on behalf of SAP. Any use of service providers outside the European Economic Area will be subject to ensuring an adequate level of data protection, for example by means of entering into EU Model Clauses with the provider; you may request a copy of the EU Model Clauses SAP entered into (see contacts in section 6 below).

Forwarding your Personal Data to other third Parties. At your request, as indicated by your consent, SAP will transfer your registration data to the companies listed on the registration page. The companies will use your registration data for the purposes of their participation in the event and are obliged to delete the data thereafter. If a company intends to use your data for any other purposes, they will contact you to explain how and for which other purposes they will use your registration data.
  1. Survey Data. Program Information 
If you participate in a survey, SAP will use this information only for purposes of the survey, including improving our products, services and events on basis of the survey results.
  1. Processing Under Applicable National Laws.
Notwithstanding Section 3 below, If the applicable national law allows SAP to do so, SAP will use your Registration Data for the following business purposes:
  • to contact you to discuss further your interest in SAP services and offerings
  • to provide more personalized information to you 
  • to verify your identity and determine appropriate services 
  • to build a profile about you or otherwise alter your individual experience outside the current interaction 
  • to help SAP create, develop, operate, deliver and improve SAP services, products, content and advertising and to improve, upgrade, or enhance the service or device that is owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by SAP 
  • for internal purposes such as auditing, analysis, and research to improve SAP’s products or services 
  • for detecting security incidents, protecting against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, and prosecuting those responsible for that activity 
3. Marketing Consent Statements

  1. SAP Marketing Purposes 
In order to be contacted about SAP related products or services and further use of your data for marketing purposes beyond the Program.
If you opt in to be contacted (in line with your consent) by SAP about SAP Group product or services and other marketing events or activities, SAP may use your Registration Data, as well as (to the extent available in the SAP CRM or otherwise) an interaction profile based on your prior interactions with SAP including your participation at prior events, in order to keep you up to date on the latest SAP product announcements including software products and services, system enhancements, special offers, and other information regarding the SAP Group’s organizations (including marketing-related newsletters) as well as other marketing events and activities. SAP may contact you by e-mail or phone. In connection with the marketing-related activities, SAP may provide a hashed user ID to third party operated social networks or other web offerings (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google) where this information is then matched against the social networks’ data or web offerings’ own bases in order to display to you more relevant information.
  1. SAP Group Marketing Purposes
In order for SAP to share your information with its affiliates in the SAP Group so that they may send you marketing-related communications.
If you consent to it, SAP may share your personal data contained in the SAP CRM with its affiliated companies in the SAP Group and they may use the data for the same marketing purposes related to SAP Group product and services and under the same conditions as SAP.
You may withdraw your consent with respect to either or both of the above cases under this Section 3 at any time. Please direct any such request to
4. Program Recording
SAP will record the Program including general and specialized sessions for broadcast to participants not participating in the Program live, and for internal and external communications purposes about the Program (“Legitimate Recording”).
You may object to SAP using Legitimate Recordings at any time by contacting
5.  Data Protection Rights
You can request from SAP: access at any time to information about which Personal Data SAP processes about you and the correction or deletion of such Personal Data. Please note, however, that SAP can or will delete your Personal Data only if there is no statutory obligation or prevailing right of SAP to retain it. Kindly note further that if you request that SAP deletes your Personal Data, you will not be able to continue to use any SAP service that requires SAP’s use of your Personal Data.
If SAP uses your Personal Data based on your consent or to perform a contract with you, you can further request a copy of the Personal Data that you provided to SAP.  To do so, please contact the email address below and specify the information or processing activities to which your request relates, the format in which you would like to receive this information, and whether the Personal Data should be sent to you or another recipient. SAP will carefully consider your request and discuss with you how it can best fulfill it.
Furthermore, you can request from SAP that SAP restricts your Personal Data from any further processing in any of the following events: (i) you state that the Personal Data SAP has about you is incorrect, subject to the time SAP requires to check the accuracy of the relevant Personal Data, (ii) there is no legal basis for SAP processing your Personal Data and you demand that SAP restricts your Personal Data from further processing, (iii) SAP no longer requires your Personal Data but you state that you require SAP to retain such data in order to claim or exercise legal rights or to defend against third party claims, or (iv) in case you object to the processing of your Personal Data by SAP based on SAP’s legitimate interest, subject to the time required for SAP to determine whether it has a prevailing interest or legal obligation in processing your Personal Data.
For individuals within the State of California, you instead have the right:
to request from SAP access to your Personal Data that SAP collects, uses, discloses, or sells (if applicable) about you; to request that SAP delete Personal Data about you; to opt-out of the sale of Personal Data, if applicable;
to non-discriminatory treatment for exercise of any of your data protection rights; and in case of request from SAP for access to your Personal Data, for such information to be portable, if possible, in a readily usable format that allows you to transmit this information to another recipient without hindrance. In accordance with the disclosure requirements under the CCPA, SAP is exempt from providing a notice to opt-out because it does not and will not sell your Personal Data.
Please note, however, that SAP can or will delete your Personal Data only if there is no statutory obligation or prevailing right of SAP to retain it. Kindly note further that if you request that SAP deletes your Personal Data, you will not be able to continue to use any SAP service that requires SAP’s use of your Personal Data.
Please direct any requests to exercise your rights to If you are located in the State of California, you can also call toll-free using the numbers provided here. You can also designate another person to submit requests to exercise your data protection rights to SAP. You can give authorization to such person by granting them a limited power of attorney to exercise your data protection rights on your behalf.
SAP will take steps to ensure that it verifies your identity to a reasonable degree of certainty before it will process the data protection right you want to exercise.  When feasible, SAP will match Personal Data provided by you in submitting a request to exercise your rights with information already maintained by SAP. This could include matching two or more data points you provide when you submit a request with two or more data points that are already maintained by SAP.  
In accordance with the verification process set forth in the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), SAP will require a more stringent verification process for deletion requests, or for Personal Data that is considered sensitive or valuable, to minimize the harm that might be posed to you by unauthorized access or deletion of your Personal Data.    If SAP must request additional information from you outside of information that is already maintained by SAP, SAP will only use it for the purposes of verifying your identity so you can exercise your data protection rights, or for security and fraud-prevention purposes.
SAP will decline to process requests that are manifestly unfounded, excessive, fraudulent, or are not otherwise required by local law.
Right to lodge a complaint. If you take the view that SAP is not processing your Personal Data in accordance with the requirements in this Privacy Statement or under applicable EEA data protection laws, you can at any time lodge a complaint with the data protection authority of the EEA country where you live or with the data protection authority of the country or state where SAP has its registered seat.
6. Further information. Contact 
For further information on SAP's general handling of personal data, e.g. when you visit SAP websites, please visit SAP's general privacy policy. For any questions regarding data protection and SAP, please contact
7. Right to Unsubscribe to Conference Communications
You may elect to unsubscribe to Conference program related communications at any time. By unsubscribing, you will no longer receive promotional materials regarding the Conference nor notifications of new content that is being offered. To unsubscribe click here.